At DELABIQUE, we are experts at what we do

We have separated ourselves from the pack and know exactly what we are doing

We create exquisite and stylish Batik and Tie-Dye outfits for the Winning Woman

We are constantly designing and developing new products just for YOU, YOU and only YOU - the Winning Woman

Our clothing and leather handbags are the non-verbal cues the Winning Woman uses as a tool to communicate who she is and what she stands for

She has already figured out where she fits-in in society. She wants to keep winning.  She also wants to use her clothing and accessories as a weapon (to compete) against her friends and acquaintances

It’s our Job at Delabique to help you look cool, sassy, look vain, look chic, look good, look fly, look amazing, look beautiful, look drop-dead gorgeous!

Clothing is so very essential, our clothing choices are one of the ways that we define our identity – to both ourselves and to the world. As a result, the brands we choose to wear and the labels we display on our clothes become an extension of who we are and how we see ourselves

At Delabique, we believe you feel confident, powerful, capable and above all happy when you wear your favourite clothes. Fashion makes you feel empowered

When you wear what makes you happy, there is a theory that dopamine is released in your brain and gives you a rush (the same kind of rush that a stimulant drug might give)

You Are What You Wear

You can use your wardrobe to change how others perceive you—and even how you think about yourself

Dress How You Want To Feel

If you want to dress and feel better about yourself and how you look, Delabique could be what you have been searching for!

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